Hanging tassel tapestry

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Fabric material: cotton and linen

Specifications: 50*70cm without 20cm tassel

Very beautiful and elegant woven ornaments, hand-woven, long-established craftsmanship

Culture is an art, but also a cultural heritage.

Design, fringe weave, adds a sense of design to the mat

Cotton and linen plant printing and dyeing, combined with modern printing and dyeing technology, no fading, no formaldehyde, safer plant materials

Simple pattern, this is the literary route, the key is the color matching, the literary fan is full

Washing instructions: Please use neutral detergent, hand wash at 30 degrees or less, hand wash or soft machine wash, use neutral detergent to avoid high temperature washing and long time soaking.

The normal shrinkage rate is about 5-6%. The following points can reduce the shrinkage ratio to about 3%:

Water temperature <40 degrees, do not soak for a long time.

Do not use dry, which may cause damage or deformation.

It can be stretched all around before washing and drying, which can make the fabric smooth and reduce the shrinkage ratio.

After drying, it can be ironed with an iron.

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